Ein Interview mit Max Ritter über Quarter Distribution

An interview with Max Ritter about Quarter Distribution

Fancy a little insight into the business world of skateboarding?

What is Quarter Distribution?

Quarter Distribution is a Berlin-based skateboard distribution and manufacturing business founded in 2014. The focus was initially on the distribution of their own brand Inpeddo Skateboards , which has since grown into the largest independent skateboard brand in Germany. Today, Quarter Distribution produces around 100,000 decks and complete boards for small to large brands every year.

The company offers a variety of services from graphic design to print file verification to the development of new, custom skateboard shapes.

Quarter Distribution supports its retailers in a variety of ways, such as longer payment terms, solid discounts, and reasonable margins.

CEO Max Ritter is also chairman of the 1. Berliner Skateateboardverein and predicts that the skateboarding scene in Germany will continue to grow in the years to come. He believes that society is becoming more accepting of skateboarding and that opening up the scene to new audiences, including women and children, will lead to greater popularity of the sport.

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