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Dragons 93A V4 Wide

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Dragon Formula: The innovative Dragon Formula™ (DF) urethane for these wheels from Powell • Peralta brings a novelty. The DF-93A Dragons roll over rough terrain and offer the grip and glide of 99A and 101A wheels. They enable more tricks on different terrains thanks to their softer 93A hardness.

Speed: Dragons are extremely fast with 18-20% higher rebound capability (SHR) than hard wheels. You don't lose speed in bowls or parks and roll smoothly over rough roads.

Grip & Slide: Dragons glide on rough and smooth terrain and provide the grip you need. The special Dragon Formula has been perfected over the years.

Longevity: The Dragon Formula is smooth, fast, slippery and durable. They wear evenly without leaving flat spots. Dragons are ideal for better skating and great value for money.

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    Powell Peralta Dragon Wheels Powell Peralta Dragon Wheels V4 Wide