Welche Skateboardrollen sind die richtigen? Eine Anleitung für Anfänger

Which skateboard wheels are the right ones? A guide for beginners

When you're new to skateboarding, it can be difficult to choose the right wheels for your board. There are many different sizes, durometers, and types of wheels on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones best suit your skateboard and riding style. In this article we will give you a guide to help you choose the right skateboard wheels.


Skateboard wheels are usually between 50mm and 75mm in size. If you do tricks and flip tricks, smaller wheels (50-54mm) are better suited. Larger wheels (55-75 mm) are more suitable for vertical skating, cruising and driving faster on slippery terrain. To choose the perfect size for your skateboard, you should consider the size of your deck.

hardness and terrain

Skateboard wheels are available in different degrees of hardness, called "durometer". Harder wheels (above 95a) are faster and last longer on smooth terrain such as ramps and skate parks. Softer wheels (below 95a) offer more grip and cushioning on uneven terrain like rough asphalt. So if you mainly ride on smooth terrain, harder wheels are the right choice, while you should prefer softer wheels on uneven terrain.

driving style

Your personal riding style and preferences will also affect which wheels you should choose. If you like to go fast, larger and harder wheels are the right choice. Softer wheels offer better cushioning and help you stay more stable on uneven terrain.


Ultimately, choosing the right wheels comes down to your individual riding style, the terrain you ride on, and personal preferences. Try different roles and find out which ones suit you best. However, with this guide you will be able to choose the right skateboard wheels for your board and improve your skateboarding experience.

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