Wie wird ein gutes Skateboard Deck gebaut?

How is a good skateboard deck built?

The construction of the deck

The skateboard deck is one of the most important parts of a skateboard and bears most of the stress during tricks stunts. It's important that the deck is strong and durable to ensure it doesn't get damaged while skateboarding.

The layers

A skateboard deck consists of several layers of maple wood pressed together under pressure and heat. The number of layers varies by manufacturer and model. All skateboards in our shop are from the manufacturer Superply . He always uses 7 layers for his decks. The composition of the layers is carefully selected to ensure a good balance between rigidity and flexibility.

The glue

For the Superply decks, epoxy resin is used to bond the individual layers. Epoxy resin is commonly used in the manufacture of skateboard decks because it provides a very strong and durable bond between the layers of the deck. Also, this glue is waterproof and durable without affecting the shape of the deck.


The shape of the deck also plays an important role in the skateboard's performance. There are different forms, such as shortboards, cruiserboards or longboards. Each shape is designed for specific types of skateboarding, such as tricks or longer rides.

In summary, the skateboard deck is an important part of a skateboard and must provide a good balance of strength, lightness and durability to ensure a safe and fun skateboarding experience.

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