Skateboarding noch einmal neu für sich entdecken - "My First Skateboard"

Rediscover skateboarding for yourself - "My First Skateboard"

Blast Skates has put together a set for all brave kids who don't yet know their talent in skateboarding. We are happy that such big brands are also thinking of the little ones and bring the same high quality standards to the product as they do with their pro boards.
Just to introduce: " My First Skateboard " - The perfect gift for every child who stands still and watches carefully as soon as someone drives by on a skateboard.

Everything in it!

The set includes wheels, bushings and bearings, a Canadian maple deck with perfectly fitted grip tape, as well as 8 nuts and bolts and a multi-tool. It all comes with a nice guide that makes assembly fun and easy and can be a great Sunday afternoon project.

Once everything is where it belongs, there is still a field where a name belongs, which looks all the more beautiful the less perfect and the more unique the letters are. Thus, the first skateboard immediately becomes unique.

As a parent, you can look forward to assembling the skateboard with your child and then be proud when they show off their first progress or tricks. Skateboarding is not only an exciting sport, but also a great way to develop your child's coordination and health.

Now available

The " My First Skateboard " set is ideally now in the First Skateshop to have. Because Blast Skates is known for putting 100% heart and soul into skateboarding, you can rest assured that you are receiving a product of the highest quality.

Experience the exciting world of skateboarding together with your child!

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