Poetic Collective Video 2023 - "NOW"

Poetic Collective Video 2023 - "NOW"

Since 2015, Poetic Collective has released some amazing skateboarding videos. For the latest project "NOW", cities such as Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin were traveled to from 2022 to film the breathtaking skate skills of the international riders. The 21-minute video features the finest content from impressive skaters like Eliott Toiminen, Gabriel Bjørsvik, and Samuel 'Qamuel' Norgren.
Even if you don't skate yourself, you'll more than enjoy the nearly 20 minutes of aesthetics and stable performance. It's worth paying attention, because >NOW< is also an introduction for new Poetic Collective team members.

In addition to the video statement, there will soon be a new collection from the skateboard brand. In order not to miss anything, follow Poetic Collective and First Skateshop on Instagram.

Have fun watching and get inspired!

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