Skateboard-Decks: Genau das richtige Deck finden!

Skateboard decks: find just the right deck!

Skateboarding is one of the most popular and creative sports you can practice today. Whether you're a hobbyist, amateur, or intermediate, choosing the right skateboard deck is an important factor in enhancing your skateboarding experience.

In our shop you will find a variety of skateboard decks that are perfectly tailored to your needs, which could be, for example, square tail decks, twin tail decks, medium concave decks, deep concave decks or kids decks.

square tail

The Square Tail Deck is perfect for skaters who prefer a shallower concave for a comfortable stance. It has a square tail (i.e. slightly angular tail). Also, a large nose popular with skaters who ride a lot of nollie and switch.


Twin tail decks are symmetrical and allow you to ride new lines and expand your horizons. These decks are popular with advanced skaters who want to try something new, but also with beginners who want to get rid of the thought of which side of the skateboard is in front.

Medium concave

If you are looking for a classic skateboard deck, then a medium concave deck is the perfect choice. The deck has a shallow concave and is a reliable all-rounder for the park, street spots and every level of experience.

deep concave

For technicians we recommend a deep concave deck . It has a high concave that provides extra tension build-up and is perfect for flip tricks. It could take your kickflip and heelflip to the next level.

Kids Decks (Medium Concave)

We also offer Kids Decks in sizes 7.0, 7.5 and 7.65. Medium concaves made from 100% Canadian maple wood. They offer high quality that are perfect for little skaters with big skills.

In our shop you will find the right deck for every level and every style. Choose the right deck for you and be sure that it will stand up to your demands.

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