Skatepark by Yamato Living Ramps

Yamato Living Ramps

This is about a company that builds skate parks that are impressive! Yamato Living Ramps emerged from the professionalization of the two most well-known DIY skate park projects: the 2er in Hanover and the former Betonhausen Berlin.

What sets Yamato apart

Yamato Living Ramps employees all share their enthusiasm for skating. They want to give other skateboarders the opportunity to live out the same passion. Therefore, their motive is to build better skate parks and maximize the fun for skaters.

Best quality for skateboarding fun

The company has developed into a reputable master company with a planning team that specializes in the high-quality processing of shotcrete. They use the wet spray process to achieve complex shapes and better surface quality than machine work. Many of the skate parks are designed by themselves thanks to their wealth of experience. In addition, steel work can be realized by hand, which allows freer design options and new ideas.

Support where it is needed

Yamato Living Ramps also participates in equity projects. For example, they were involved in the organization and construction supervision of skate park projects in India and Bolivia. The company has shaped the approach to building international skateboard facilities and is committed to providing incentives and opportunities for young people to stay active and get outside.

So if you need help with construction or sporting issues, or if you want to build or have a new skate park, you can contact Yamato Living Ramps. The company is happy to advise you and longs for new challenges.

We are impressed with their professionalism and Yamato's previous parks , and commitment. So we're excited to see what they do next!

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