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KIDS TIPS! Part 4, adjust steering

You can adjust the steering harder or softer with a size 14 open-end wrench on the kingpin nut. Turning it to the left will make the steering harder and turning it to the right will make the steering softer.

adjust skateboard steering
You have to try what feels right for you. The softer the axles are set, the easier it is to tilt the board and you can ride nicely into the curves and it's super fun to do slalom because the board is very manoeuvrable. However, it becomes more shaky overall and you need some practice to be able to handle it.
If the steering is too soft, the wheels can also hit the board. Then the skateboard stops immediately and you fall down. This is what the skaters call "Wheel bite".
As a beginner, it's easier to ride a little harder. But as soon as you can drive a little, you should soften the steering.
Don't over-twist in either direction. The kingpin nut may only be unscrewed until it is flush with the thread (MAXIMUM SOFT). It should also not be turned in too far. No more than 2 to 3 grooves of the thread should be visible ( M AXIMUM HART).
If you don't get by with this adjustment range, you have to install softer or harder bushings.
Every skateboard shop has special skate tools. They are called "Skate-key" or "T-tools". They are very practical because you have everything you need for the skateboard in one tool. They also make it easier to adjust the steering.

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