Inpeddo: Premium Skateboards direkt aus Berlin

Inpeddo: Premium skateboards directly from Berlin

The start

Inpeddo is a skate brand that was founded in 2008 by a couple of ambitious, North German student-age skaters. Almost directly from the skate scene! Her goal was to build something of her own and share her love of skateboarding with the people around her.

The name "Inpeddo" stands for the concept of having something "up your sleeve", meaning always having an ace up your sleeve. However, the old-fashioned meaning refers more to carrying something in the heart. That applies better to Inpeddo. Skateboarding by skaters for skaters.

The development

A lot has happened at Inpeddo since then, the team has been expanded, the headquarters have a new location and the prospects look rosy! The slogan "Berlin based Europe raised" describes well how Inpeddo skateboards have been doing the rounds over the past few years. The home base has been Berlin for some time and is represented by talented young team riders such as Nanek Jeschke and Nile Bart-Williams . A few other team riders ensure a good atmosphere on the skate parks throughout Germany.

Over time, the Inpeddo brand has established itself as a fixture on the European skate scene. It would not have gotten this far without the mutual support between the brand and European team riders. Inpeddo will also be presented in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Inpeddo team has always had priority and has now grown beyond Europe. Another notable team rider is Jose Cantillana from Chile. If you haven't seen him skate yet, you shouldn't miss it!

status quo

Last year there was a team meeting in Berlin where almost the whole Inpeddo team (including Jose) got together to skate around the capital's skate spots.

Inpeddo Skateboards Team Meeting in Berlin 2022

Inpeddo skateboards can be bought in the usual largest German skate shops, but most local shops also have Inpeddo products in their range. The brand has been growing steadily and under its own steam over the past 15 years and delivers reliable skateboards worldwide. It becomes clear where Inpeddo stands at the moment when you go to any well-stocked skate shop or keep your eyes open on the skate park from time to time.

This point of view should be made clear this year with a new project by giving something back to the skateboarding scene at the same time. It will still be a few days, but it will be worth the wait!

always stay well equipped

If you are looking for skateboards from a brand that has skateboarding at heart and offers the highest quality at fair prices, you should definitely try Inpeddo decks or completes .
The craze for skateboarding was responsible for what have become today's inpeddo skateboards. You don't have to found a brand, but the sport and the feeling can certainly be an asset!

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