Die Ultimate Surfskates im Überblick

The Ultimate Surfskates at a glance

A surfskate is a specialized skateboard designed to mimic surfing on asphalt or concrete. Compared to conventional skateboards, surf skates are much more agile and manoeuvrable due to their axles and wheels and thus offer a smoother riding experience. In this blog post we will take a look at the different models of surf skates that are available in our online skate shop.

The Nova Series:

The Nova series is available in two sizes - 32.5" and 30.5" . The decks consist of seven layers of maple wood and are provided with a non-slip surface made of conventional grip tape or cork. The Flux trucks are of high quality and offer excellent maneuverability and responsiveness. A versatile board with a simple, classic shape. Equipped with two wheelsbases, it suits every preference and body size and is suitable for all types of surfskate adventures.

Ultimate Surfskate Nova Wheelbase Information

Fishtail surf skates:

The Fishtail Surfskates are 32" long and are recognizable by their deck, with the unmistakable Fishtai. This cut gives the board a little more stability and control, making it ideal for fast turns and descents.

Old school series:

The Old-School series has a length of 30" and is perfect for skaters who are looking for a classic surfskate design. The decks are made of seven plies of maple wood, have a great ride and are also very strong over the long term reliable.

Fishtail and Old School Surfskate information

In addition to the complete surf skates, we also offer individual parts, such as the Nova decks and wheels .

In summary, we offer a wide range of surf skates in our online skate shop, including the Nova series, fishtail surf skates and old school series. Each board is of high quality and offers a smooth riding experience. In addition, all Ultimate boards come with an extra set of bushings to allow individual adjustment to your personal riding style. Whether you are a surfskate beginner or an experienced skater, our range has the right board for everyone. Order your surf skate now and experience the ultimate skate experience on the street or in the skate park!

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