Skateboarding für Kinder - welche Komponenten sind wichtig?

Skateboarding for children - which components are important?

When it comes to choosing a skateboard or the right accessories for children, many parents are at a loss and the long comparison and search begins. Finding the perfect set that best suits your child's height and needs is not that easy.
In this blog post we will clarify the most important points that make up a child-friendly skateboard and what else might help.

    1. The right deck size for your body size:
      The size of the skateboard deck is very crucial for the comfort while riding and practicing. A deck that is too large can make skateboarding more difficult as it is more strenuous and difficult to control and drive, while a deck that is too small will not provide enough stability when balancing. Parents should be careful to choose a deck that fits the child's height to ensure appropriate balance. A quick recommendation with exact body and deck sizes can be found at a glance in “Kids Tips Part 1” .

    2. The correct axle size for the deck:
      The axle size should match the chosen deck size. If the deck is narrower, the axles should also be narrower to allow for optimal steering. Conversely, a wider deck also requires wider axles. In short, the ends of the axle should be as wide as the skateboard deck. This is a very good guideline if you put together the individual parts of the skateboard yourself on site, but could be difficult if you buy your first skateboard or the individual components online. That's why we have a size overview on every truck product page that shows which truck size fits which skateboard deck.

    3. Choose the right roles:
      The right or wrong with this part of the skateboard depends more on personal preference. Since a child who is starting out with skateboarding probably doesn't have any clear ideas yet, we recommend wheels with a low hardness. (This is indicated by a number followed by the unit "A". The lower the number, the softer the wheels are) Softer wheels allow for easier driving and provide good traction on various surfaces. 85A wheels are great for beginners. Driving actually feels “softer”. Harder wheels are more suitable for advanced skateboarders who ride on smoother surfaces or in skate parks.

    4. Ball bearings - What should you know?:
      Although bearings play a certain role in the performance of the skateboard, they are not a top priority for beginners. The unit in which the "performance" of the ball bearings is measured is ABEC, followed by a number. The higher the number, the higher the quality of the ball bearings is, which in turn has an impact on reliability and speed. However, beginners should concentrate on other aspects such as deck and axle size. Standard ABEC-3 or ABEC-5 bearings are sufficient for beginners. Investing more money here for better quality would have no advantage for a beginner. However, we offer Zupply ABEC-7 ball bearings , which are also a good starting point in terms of price.

    5. What is still missing?
      Not much is missing here. Screw on and off you go. These are supposed to hold everything together. To keep the child together, a complete set of protectors that protects the wrists, elbows and knees in the event of a fall could be useful. You can of course also find a helmet with inner padding in our shop. With this equipment, the child's skateboarding career can start immediately.

If all of these recommendations have been followed, you can safely speak of first-class entry-level equipment that will withstand the child's abilities for a long time.

Another helpful, hot tip for beginners are the complete skateboards in our shop, from Inpeddo and OVER. The individual parts used are precisely coordinated and are intended to offer a good all-round package for beginners and advanced users alike.
For the slightly smaller ones there are the NEMO BOARDS . The skateboards are specially designed for children and are 100% the right thing to get familiar with skateboarding at a young age.

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