schware Schoner und Helme zum Skateboard fahren

BroTection protective equipment for skaters of all ages

BroTection is always working to create the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear to deliver the best quality. Of course, the helmets and protective equipment are certified and tested according to the highest standards, so that the only task - your safety - can be guaranteed.

The BroTection range includes protectors for knees, elbows, hands and helmets. In addition, a helmet with an extra children's design in collaboration with NEMO BOARDS . Due to the adjustable sizes, the crash helmet can be precisely adapted for every child and every adult. We want nobody to have to worry about their own bones, but to be able to fully concentrate on constantly breaking performance limits.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport where extremes and performance are the order of the day. The risk of a fall is every few seconds, which is why a hard hat is cooler than a fractured skull.

Falling down - called bail in skateboarding - and getting up again is the order of the day in the skate park. Caution is therefore an aspect that should not be ignored and starts BEFORE the skate session with the right equipment.

BroTection protects everyone who wants to find out how fast, far and high they can go in their favorite sport. Test your skills with a good brother by your side - BroTection helps you adapt and progress in your sport.

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