Lousy Livin Inpeddo Cruiser mit Palmen Obst Früchten Ananas und Melone 26" inch / Zoll

Lousy Livin - The brand for skateboarders with style

Lousy Livin, the brand from Hamburg with the unique boxer shorts, has developed into a complete street and skatewear brand. Nevertheless, Stefan Marx's funny designs remain and can now also be found on decks, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories in the Lousy Capsule collection

The Lousy Living collaboration with Inpeddo

Inpeddo is possibly the most famous German skateboard brand known for their quality and commitment to the skateboard scene. The collaboration between Lousy Livin and Inpeddo has resulted in a unique collaboration that emphasizes both the aesthetics and the functionality of skateboarding.

Products of the collaboration

The collaboration between Lousy Livin and Inpeddo has resulted in high quality cruiser skateboards in three different sizes. Characterized by their stability and maneuverability, these boards are perfect for long rides or cruising around town.

Additionally, the collaboration also offers a selection of Complete Skateboards , bringing some Lousy-style favorites to the skatepark.
Equipped with high-quality Tremendous trucks and Inpeddo x Lousy Livin wheels.

Always a good choice

Lousy Livin is a brand created for skateboarders with style. Working with Inpeddo has resulted in unique products that not only look good, but also offer high quality and functionality. If you're looking for a skateboard that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you should take a closer look at Lousy Livin's products .

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