Skateboard-Designs von Lucas Beaufort

Skateboard designs by Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort is a French artist who values ​​freedom above all else, especially in a world where it is increasingly under threat. Beaufort is best known for his character Gus Gus, a half-bird, half-human icon that was featured in collaborations with Vans, Zero Skateboards, and Billabong.

This figure can also be found in collaboration with Inpeddo. These products are available in our shop. Among them are cruisers, decks and completes . Boxer shorts were also created together with the artist and Inpeddo.

Lucas Beaufort started drawing in 2009 and Gus Gus joined him after visiting Cairo in Egypt. He released his first feature-length documentary , Devoted, in 2017. The film embraces skateboarding's penchant for print media and is inspired by Beaufort's own passion for magazines.

As an artist, he has worked on a digital show for his community, graphic designs for brands, and a book focusing on the history of 100 iconic skate shops. Skateboarding and art are inseparable for Beaufort, which is why he sees them as pretty much the same thing.

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