HAZE WHEELS Skateboard Rollen hard and soft 78a - 99a

Haze Wheels - The independent skateboard wheel brand with a distinctive look

Haze Wheels was founded in Paris in 2010 by Frenchman Bertrand Soubrier and has since grown into a globally popular brand. With a first-class team of well-known skateboarders such as Oscar Candon, Michael Mackrodt and JP Villan, Haze Wheels has also made a name for itself internationally.

A special feature of Haze Wheels are the unique designs by the graphic artist Func'88 , which give the brand's wheels an unmistakable look. The brand is 100% independent and was developed by skateboarders for skateboarders.

Whether you're skate park, street cruising, or pool skateboarding, Haze Wheels offers a wide range of skateboard wheels specifically designed to meet your needs. Filmer rolls and a wide range of hardness grades can also be found in the range, from soft softies to super hard 101A rolls.

In addition to the wide range of hardness levels and functions, Haze Wheels also offers a wide range of visually appealing designs. It doesn't matter whether you prefer it simple or colourful, the wheels from Haze Wheels offer the right design for every taste.

If you are looking for skateboard wheels that not only impress in terms of looks, but also in terms of performance, you should definitely try Haze Wheels. Discover the unique wheels in the range of our online skate shop and experience the ultimate driving experience on your favorite surface!

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