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The Berliner Company was founded in northern Germany in 2008. Within the last few years, however, the focus of our work has completely shifted to Berlin. Inpeddo was founded out of a passion for skateboarding, and combined with a bit of a North German dialect, that's how the label name Inpeddo came about.

The skate brand offers products for every skill level and level. And with a great selection of attractive graphics, the brand caters to every taste. In addition to the optical variety, Inpeddo is also broadly positioned in terms of products and offers categorized complete skateboards, decks, cruisers in three sizes, accessories such as rails, tools, skateboard bags, grip tapes, even skate wax. All of this in fine quality.

From our own house:
When designing their products, they often work with well-known artists such as E.g.: Dave The Chimp, Lucas Beaufort or the Krid Collectiv. Always in focus, offering stylish products, combined with an interesting story, at fair prices and always transporting the positive vibe of skateboarding. That is why the main focus of the product range is the range of very inexpensive completes. In this way, every skateboarding beginner should have a pleasant start in board sports, but also all advanced and pros can get hold of a whole setup that meets their higher performance requirements and still has an attractive price.

And "all together" always according to the motto "From skaters, for skaters!"

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