JESSUP Griptapes verschiedener Grip Unterseite und Oberseite

Jessup - the best griptape on the market?

Why Jessup Grip Tape?

They started their career in the skateboard industry by bringing the first silicon carbide (particularly robust and temperature-stable) grip tape onto the market. Jessup has been producing Griptape since 1975 with the aim of delivering the best product on the market. This is made possible by more than 45 years of experience in the production of high-quality grip tape. In total, more than 25 million decks have been equipped with Jessup Grip. That's more than all other griptape companies combined.

The quality is unbeatable and used by more pros and hardcore skaters than any other brand. Jessup Griptape is the perfect companion to master every spot and every trick. There is a stable foundation for ultimate control!

Lamination and solvent-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive layers ensure a rock-solid bond to all boards in any environment. Jessup sticks to your board no matter what.

The "SUPERTOUGH" silicon carbide grip formula conforms to all deck concaves, is easy to cut and does not tear like other tapes.

The silicon carbide grain never wears out and will outlast any other griptape in the world! The highest quality grip tape is also available at First Skateshop!

Would you like to have Jessup Griptape on the board? Many pros and hardcore skaters have been using it for years and will continue to do so.

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