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KIDS TIPS! Part 3, steering

Skating is only really fun if the steering works well.

If you tilt the board to the left or right with your feet, it will go in that direction. The steeper you tilt the board, the harder it turns.

There is a bushing in each axle, which ensures that you can steer gently and that the axle straightens itself again. The skaters also call them "bushings".

These bushings have different designations, such as 78A, 88A, 92A or 96A. These numbers represent the hardness of the rubber. The lighter you are, the softer bushings you need.


It is important that the bushings are not made of cheap material, otherwise they will break quickly or may not even be really elastic.

You can set the axles harder or softer to a certain extent on the kingpin nut. So that the steering feels really good for you. This is explained in the next "KIDS TIPS! Part 4, Adjusting the steering" .

The children's skateboards in First-Skateshop are designed by real skateboard designers and you can be sure that everything will fit together well.

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