Bronx Wheels - Formulas, Shapes, Influences

Bronx Wheels

Inspired by the well-known neighborhood in New York City shaped by immigrants from different European countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The Bronx Wheel range offers different designs on different wheel shapes such as Regular Shape, Round Shape, Special Shape 1-3, V2, V5, X-Shape and Barrel Shape. There's something to suit every surface and condition like streets, skate parks or plazas, concrete or brick. Personal preferences for diameter and roll width are also served.

The manufacture of the Bronx Wheels includes special formulas such as Platinum, Force, Select and Cloud. The chemical composition of the wheels should improve the rebound effect and influence longevity and wear. Avoiding flat spots is also very important. The wheels are made from premium materials to ensure the highest quality and driving comfort.

The Bronx Wheels stand for roughness, the origin of hip hop and breakdance and an open multicultural society. They embody street culture and are shaped by strong European roots. The bike designs reflect legendary Bronx culture. The wheels are made of premium urethane and offer a comfortable ride on rough asphalt and hard concrete.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Bronx products now and become part of the streetwear revolution!


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