1. Berliner Skateboardverein e.V.

1. Berlin Skateboard Club eV

The 1. Berliner Skateboard Verein eV is the oldest skateboard club in Berlin and champions the interests of the skater scene. The association is run on a voluntary basis and works as a network for skaters from all districts.

Participation in the planning of new skate parks in Berlin is particularly important to the association in order to avoid wrong decisions and pointless investments. The association is also involved in child and youth work and offers workshops and AGs at schools and intercultural sports festivals. The association also supports the redesign and planning of skate parks.

The 1. BSV eV also promotes skaters who are very interested in competitions and currently has five club members in the national squad. In addition, skate trips with small groups will be planned in the future in order to get to know other skate scenes, clubs and their skate spots.

As a member of the non-profit association, you not only have access to an active skater community, you can also skate three times a week for free in the skate hall on the RAW site in Berlin.

Would you like to have fun driving in a professional environment without having to pay extra? And also become part of a community that is committed to expanding the skate scene in Berlin and is actively involved in intercultural sports festivals and other events?

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