Thrasher Magazine Interview mit Kader Sylla

Thrasher Magazine Interview with Kader Sylla

Pro Skater Kader Sylla was interviewed for the latest Thrasher issue (February 2023) and spoke about the "Am Scramble 2018" YouTube video and the time and experiences on the tour.

For all German fans who have not subscribed to Thrasher Magazin , enjoy the full interview in German here!

Was that the most stressful trip you've ever been on? At the scramble?
No, that was funny! That was a relaxed trip. I think traveling is definitely more stressful these days. That was when it was easy to film and get clips. That was when I was a kid. It just so happened.

I have a feeling that you were just a kid on this journey and 16 months later you were already an adult.
It was quick. Yes, really.

When did you first feel like an adult?
When I moved out at 18. It certainly was. It was the best... the best decision ever. We had a good time on this trip.

What do you like to remember?
I remember these idiots did some crazy things. I remember that 18-step session. Henry noseblunted and Pedro drove the hubba down 50-50. That was fucking crazy.

He grinded the outside of the Hubba on the first try, remember?
Yes, that was tricky! But he managed it in two attempts. And then Gabriel tried to grind the weird crooked rail next to it.

Yeah he came back and did that for a Zero video.
That's crazy. I don't know how he did it.

It's quite sad to think that this was our only trip with Henry.

Was he the first friend you lost this way?
Yes, that was such a shock. It was so random. I didn't like that. It makes you realize that you really don't know what people are going through. It was so sad.

Definitive. Very sad. Was the scramble your last hooray as an amateur?
Yes, I think I was supposed to turn pro before Scramble on my birthday, but since I was traveling Andrew pushed it back and they did it a little later. So I should actually go pro before that.

But was it worth it?
Going on the Scramble Tour? In any case. That was great. I wouldn't take back the scramble experience for anything in the world.

Have you been on a similar journey since then with a group of people you don't know, or is it always with the homies?
Usually it's people I know. Now I think it's always the same people. I hadn't really hung out with most of them that much before. It was a cool introduction to the crew.

After that you had some changes with your sponsors. Was that part of growing up too?
Yes. It was strange; I just felt like it was time for a change.

What advice would you give a child when they found out they were going to be in the Scramble Tour?
It's a great opportunity. This isn't just for any video; people like that stuff!

Who should be there next time?
Gavin Bottger and Toby Ryan should be there! These guys are insane. One was already doing 900s on the Mega Ramp when he was ten years old and now look at him.

Let's talk about stress. I remember a moment on the trip when you sort of collapsed and climbed under the railing and Frank had to get you. Are you better at dealing with stress now? wait a minute, what happened?

Don't you remember?
No, I was a tough guy back then. What the hell? All I remember is climbing onto the roof of the van and yelling at Mike Sinclair. That was legendary.

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